8 decorative lightings to add a melodramatic sense on your garden
8 decorative lightings to add a melodramatic sense on your garden

8 Decorative Lighting Designs To Add A Melodramatic Sense On Your Garden

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Natural source of light comes from the moon at night and sun at mid day. However, we still need additional lighting fixtures to gain better look. Without lighting, your garden might be looked creepy. Scroll down and find more ideas to enlighten your garden!

Steel Posts With LED Light


Do you love this garden look at night? See how LED light built-in inside the trees that gives sophisticated look. If you want to have this kind of lighting on your garden, just install some steel posts with Led light.

An Electric Candle Chandelier


If you have outdoor dining area, copy this lighting design will be a great decision. The owner of this house chooses to apply an electric candle chandelier to minimize cinder. Then, it appears more than just awesome.

With Pendant Lights


What about this area with patio and tremendous pendant lights. This space is designed with modern and sleek decor. Enjoy the beauty of outdoor by hiding yourself from direct sunlight everyday at this space.

Cute Paper Lanterns


Install colorful paper lanterns will not only create a brighter outdoor but also a cheerful decoration. This is pretty great for spring season However, taking a rest at this space will boost our mood and make us feel calm and peace.

Patios With Torches


Bring festive feeling on your patio is not hard anymore. Install some torches and put them in every corner of your patio. This is a rustic style but will not outdated. This lighting styles will make us feel like in a cottage.

Cute Hallway Lights


They are tiny but truly give big impact to your garden look. Hallway lights that made of stone will be more durable. Add a little candle on it. Then, put them anywhere at your pathway but with right placement.

Cute Wooden Tea Lights


Will you install these mini lanterns for your outdoor? You feel like in an outdoor party every night just by seeing these lanterns. Find them on your nearest store or if you are creative enough, creating these items can be a nice weekend project.

With Beacon Lights


We adore these lighting fixtures with cool details. It creates a nice umbra on the pathway. The patterns remind us about the beauty of nature and the amazing of human creativity. Aren’t them truly awesome?

Outdoor Lighting During Christmas


The Christmas time is only on December, but the lighting designs work well for any season. The white stars will remind us about the snows. Applying these items on your backyard or front yard will be great.

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