This beautiful backyard built in a modern design with pink colors
This beautiful backyard built in a modern design with pink colors

This Beautiful Backyard Built In A Modern Design With Pink Colors

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You may dream to build a perfect place to unwind and relax every time. When one feels tired from a day’s work, seeing beautiful view outside will gain better feeling. You need a patio with fresh air and greens to refresh your mind and boost your mood. From walls to seats, they should be well-designed. Scroll down at this inspiring pink patio below!


What do you think about this beautiful patio? Either kids or adults will love to sit here every afternoon to wait for sunset. With cute design, this patio will make us feel relax and calm with its view.


There are many seating areas for us to sit. A space with metal chairs and table look like outdoor dining set. The green plants besides give us fresh air with wooden boards for seating too. White pebbles complete this area beautifully.


Look at this lovely area with pink seating that can be used as daybed as well. There are some patterned pillow with pink based color that so cute. Wooden based in a half circle seen more then just cool.


It can be called as outdoor dining area with black wire chairs with colorful pillows. We love the circle under the seating area that done with concrete based material. Then, a great green wall next to it perfectly attractive.


Then, this is the look of this pink backyard from the upper level. There is an outdoor kitchen as well that usually used for barbecue. Cooking outside is fun and challenging. The combination of pink, green, and light brown looked eye candy.


Now, let us see closer at this unique space with dark brown wooden board for seating nook. The curve shape that works well with white pebbles on the ground looks great. The green plants completes this landscape beautifully.


When you want to cook outside, this outdoor kitchen is done with more storage, counter space, and a bbq. Just make schedule to hold an outdoor party at fall or spring. This area also done with lighting system and automatic irrigation.


This pink wall accent leads us to have a better feeling. Sparkling leaves seen as attractive mosaic walls. The backdrop also done with shades of pink that calm and inviting. Isn’t this wall feature looked attractive!


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