Slipcovers offer an attractive and functional way to update your furniture. If your furniture is in good structural condition but the fabric is stained, worn out, or even outdated, getting a slipcover is a great way to give your furniture new life. And plus, slipcover is the great way for you who wants to reupholstering or springing for something new but on a budget. Keep reading to find out more about slipcover sofa. 

Any table that sits to the side of a piece of furniture can be considered as a side table. But you’ll most often find side table in a living room, by a sofa or chair. But depending on its height, you can also use one as a nightstand or as a coffee table in a small room. So, if you want to add color or texture, side table is a great options for your space.

Nailhead sofa is never go out in style. Many people are still in love with this sofa. Nailhead sofas offer a tailored appeal to living rooms, family rooms and home offices. Like jewelry for your furniture, a hand-applied nailhead trim provides an eye-catching finish for loveseats, sofas, ottomans and chairs.

Accent pillows are generally associated with the aesthetics of a room. We can use them on sofas, chairs, couches, and beds. Accent pillows add color to your space and can be used to increase the aesthetic value of a room. Let’s have a look to find out more about it.

Choosing the right sofa for your home can be stressful since there are many factors that you should consider. But the key is, choose the one that is suitable with your need and of course, the available of the space that you have. And deep seat sofas are a wonderful way to get all the support you need. So, you and your guests can sit together while also keeping comfort uppermost.

As we all know, headboard is a piece of furniture that attaches to the head of a bed. But, do you know that headboard can play an active role in transforming the overall look and feel of a bedroom? It creates an eye-alluring focal point in a room with minimal effort. This is the reason why many people decided to decorate the bedroom with headboard nowadays.

Lighting is essential things to consider in our house especially if you want to achieve an aesthetic effect to the room. Lighting is very important as this may affect common activities in the house or in a building.Proper lighting can enhance and improve task performance, visibility of things and has good psychological effects on the occupants. But choosing the right lighting can be a little tricky!

Bathroom vanities are an important component to your home. By selecting the correct size, style and material you can help improve the design and function of your bathroom. Bathroom vanity is a versatile piece that can serve as a focal point in the bathroom. So, If you’re considering giving your bathroom a renovation, a vanity should be on your list of must haves to update.

High waisted jeans is so fun. This flattering style is perfect for daytime or for a night out. Wearing high waisted jeans helps you to elongate your torso and cinch your waist. That is why, this gives you a well balanced silhouette.