15 Inspiring Ikea Girl Closet Renovation Ideas

Justifying the negligible additional expense of a customized closet is actually rather easy to accomplish. When it won’t actually supply you with more room to walk, removing your previous vanity may create a tremendous difference in the look of your bathroom. Closet doors are likewise a factor.

Choosing the furniture for your child sometimes to be a very awesome moment for you especially for your girl. You have to negotiate with them for everything in her room. Start from color, design, cost and many others. Besides that, you should not forget the important part from it. Make sure that you get the best material for your furniture. The several of furniture in your room, closet is the important thing that must be there. Bedroom closets are available in many forms. Excellent closet organization is essential to a house you can love and relish. It’s also advisable to start out with a good idea of the items that are going to be put in the closet. To the uninitiated, a little closet has rather limited possibilities. So you have to have the best consideration before deciding to put a closet there. The size of the room should also be considered so that the closet can adjust to the bedroom so that you do not lose your space.

We can’t release from the fact if color will make your best room appearance. Because of that, you should have the best choice to complete your bedroom with the best design and color of hanging closet to support your bedroom display. Put the hanging closet is a necessity. It is better for you to put several hanging closet and equipped with several cabinet underneath. To serve your clothes and help you to make your room look neat. Whatever you will save, you should put one type of item separately so you can easily find it. That is why the performance of a closet is very important.

15 Cute and Funny DIY First Birthday Gifts Ideas

Whether it’s a big event or an extremely little and intimate event, it must be well planned and exact special. Although your baby may not bear in mind the event, it’s still important to celebrate your youngster’s very first birthday. Following that, the very first birthday is going to be a time that you have to get ready for.

It is an interesting idea to have the first party on your children birthday. It would be more exciting if held it with a concept of what your children like the most. Costume, place, decoration, and gifts are the things should be considered well. This article will specify the description on the birthday gifts that will make your children amazed. There are thousands birthday gifts ideas that you can adopt. You can easily buy the gifts from the nearest store, from the smallest to the biggest, from the cheapest to the most expensive. But, have you ever thought to make your own gifts for your beloved children at their first birthday? Don’t you think it would be worth it? Yes, you will have lots idea of cute and interesting gifts for your children birthday gifts.

At their first age, your children are very keen on something colorful, cute, and sounded. You may also give your children such a cute unique baby dress to complete their dress collection. May some of us sum up our opinions about children birthday gifts into some kinds of dolls, toys, dresses, meals, and footwears. A one-year child is usually able to sit and even try to walk. It seems a good idea to give him a pair of pre-walk shoes to support his first step experiences. Because one-year child is on a curious phase, your child will explore his environmemt surround him. Its better for you to give him a package of toys with fairy tales story, like unicorn, the princess, mermaid story, etc. Furthermore, if you are good at knitting, you can have knitted sweater, hat, or shocks to warm his body from cool temperature. A lace dress is very cute for a baby girl. There are many colorful cute cuts of a dress for little baby girl that will make your child gets amazed with it and excited to wear it. From all the ideas, one thing as a must gift is the birthday cake you made by yourself. Yeay! With a certain character or cartoon for the design of the cake, your child will be so interested. Happy first birthday party!

16 Awesome DIY Gifts for Your Dad Ideas

Making them is simple and doesn’t need much work. Which is why, gifting something which is not just funny, but in addition creative is one sure-shot method of striking a joyful note. Of course with a little bit more imagination, you can find with even greater ideas.

Our dad, our hero. He is his daughter’s first love. When he celebrates his birthday, surely we will prepare a gift for him. It does not mean we should give him an expensive gift, buy it from store, with something big or from a precious material. What we need is give something simple yet meaningful, unforgettable, and worth it. But, have your ever thought to make a gift for your dad by yourself? It is an interesting idea to have a DIY gift with some material we have had on hand. The followings are the description to give you some references on making a birthday gift for your beloved dad.

The ideas below, are the ones which are not only able to be your dad’s birthday gifts, but they also can be your gift references on Father’s day, anniversary, or other your dad’s special days. The simplest but meaningful gift is giving him a memorable photos, it can be his wedding, his romantic photos with your mother at the first year after his wedding, your childhood photos, etc. These photos may remind him with his past, his sweetest memory. You can arrange some photos that you think they will be the greatest, and put them on a frame. If your dad is very keen on music, you can creatively make a song by yourself, and let your dad listens to it on his special day. A customized mug is the next fabulous idea. Make a lovely design with a compliment to your father like You are Our Hero, You are the Best, We Love You, and so on. It is better to complete it with a family photos. Next, a festive wall art like painting or mounted wall art of family vacation. This gift will last forever and he will proudly put it in his office. And, from all the examples below, the most interesting gift is making him a cake, cookies, or his favorite meal and food by yourself. With a small family party, you can serve and enjoy it with all your family member. Also, you can surprisingly invite your dad’s best friends on his special day to spend his special moment together. Well, there is always much love for our dad everyday, everytime, everyhere, ever after.

70 Cute DIY Valentines Day Cards Handmade Ideas

It provides you a chance to customize the gift and make just what you want without needing to splurge a lot of money. There are a number of craft and marriage stores that have a lot of beautiful wedding books on sale. Should youn’t understand what his favourite flowers are, ask your mom, she’d know.

When February comes, everyone gets ready for their Valentine’s Day. The 14th of February are declared as a special day since everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day as a day to show their care, love, affection toward family, friends, lover, and people surround. Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day by doing some activities like having a dinner, dating, making a party, giving gifts, or sending a Valentine’s Day cards. All those activities are exciting since we can share love toward others. But, there is something interesting from Valentine’s Day. It is because we can customize our Valentine’s Day card as we desire to make someone we love gets amazed and feel so much love we give to him. Thus, you can make your own Valentine’s Day cards instead of buying from the store. You are possible to decide the design, color, and quotes so that it is satisfying.

To make a Valentine’s Day card, you just need a little creativity and you are free to use any material you have on hand. Just believe that your handmade Valentine’s Day card is the sweetest way to express your love. As Valentine’s Day is usually identic with pink, red, and white, you can prepare paper with those colors and have scissors, glue, pencil colors, ribbons, and some glitters if possible. The simplest idea is by drawing some heart shapes on your cards, put pinkish red, pink and bold red color for them. You can write Will you be my Valentine? to make your girl surprised. You can give the card with a bunch of red roses. The next idea is by sticking red and pink heart shapes on your card. Put them by turns to make an interesting design. To make them more glamorous, you can apply glitters on it. As heart shapes are our mission in this handmade Valentine’s Cay card, you can explore your ability to design it well. Well, another idea is using ribbon. You can have pink ribbon and two colors of some heart shapes (red and pink) from the smallest to the biggest. Stick the heart shapes and arrange them from the smallest to the biggest or vice versa with glue. Then complete your card with pink ribbon. Get the idea of making hot air ballon card as well by make a 3D air ballons from paper and stick them on your card. Fon’t forget to write down you compliment for your girl. To give you some examples, just scroll down this page to find out the other amazing creative DIY Valentine’s Day cards. 

52 Easy and Cute DIY Snow White Costume Ideas for this Fall

You can create his socks a tiny fun-looking though. You’re able to decorate outside in and about the yard. You may use a toga costume to acquire her look.

In the fall, the party costume always becomes the center of attention for every people. When a costume party is held, someone will wear the costume according to what they want. Usually, fall costumes are creepy costumes like ghosts or monsters, but there’s nothing wrong when you want to wear amazing costumes like in a fairy tale. Many people are inspired by fairy tales like Snow White because she looks beautiful, cute and adorable. Therefore, many people use this costume as a costume at the fall party. You can rent the costume in a costume rental, but it’s expensive. So, from now you have to try new things by making your own Snow White costume that you will wear when the fall party is held.

In making a Snow White costume, first, you must prepare the design. The design will be your direction in making a costume. If the design is done, then the next step is you go to the fabric store to buy the fabrics needed to make this costume. Choose comfortable fabric easy to sew. Usually, Snow White is dominated by blue and yellow. But if you want something different, you can use other colors that are no less good. Don’t forget to buy the necessary sewing equipment and accessories. Then, draw a pattern on the fabric according to the size of someone who will use it and if you have finished drawing, then you have to cut out the pattern that you have made. When everything is ready, you can then start sewing the patterns you have cut. Don’t forget to sew neatly so that the costume you make looks really amazing. Like some pictures below, it shows how cute Snow White costume that you must try to make now. Let’s see and choose your favorite!


72 Creative Ways to Reuse Used Bucket become Functional Items

The amount of buckets and barrels used is flexible and is founded on the percent of the population utilizing the system. The plastic bucket is extremely durable so that it can be challenging to cut by hand. There aren’t any holes drilled in the base of the barrels.

If you have a lot of used items at home, don’t throw it away. But collect items that are still worth changing to useful items. With creativity and patience, used items that we usually dispose can be turn into items that are useful and helpful for everyday needs. There are lots of used items that can be converted into functional items, such as bottles, paper, buckets, milk cans, food containers and other. One item that is easily converted into a useful item is a bucket. Bucket is an item that everyone has, of course. Surely you will have a bucket that has not been used because it has broken or leaked. And then, you will definitely throw it away. But, from now please don’t immediately throw the bucket because you can turn it into fantastic items that have usability.

With the shape of a bucket, you can easily change the bucket into new items such as flower pots, laundry baskets, storage areas, seats and other. Actually the way to make it is just easy because the bucket already has a functional shape. If you want to reuse the used bucket to use as a flower pot, it will be easier because you only need to decorate the used bucket. You can buy paint then repaint the bucket so that it will look like new again. Interesting item that can be made from used buckets is storage. You can use this storage to store items such as balls, plantation tools, utensils, umbrellas and others. Start design the used bucket into a cute and interesting place to store. So, people won’t know that the storage you made is only from used buckets that you no longer use. Like some pictures below, we show some items from reuse used bucket that you can try. Let’s see it!



60 Practical DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas for Your Garden

Outdoor storage isn’t exactly straightforward. A home usually has closets, cabinets, and drawers to hide your unappealing possessions. But sometimes, when you need to keep it outside home, you have to think outside the box to organize and store your stuff. But no matter the situation — whether you have a teeny balcony, medium-sized patio, or sprawling lawn — there are plenty of easy, practical ways to store your landscaping tools, pool cleaning equipment, gardening materials, kids’ toys, and more.

Garden can be the best place for your messy creativity. It’s often that you’d like to take your tools with you outdoor and left them there until you have finished your creativity business,  instead of storing the inside your house and take them out all over again in the following day. Yet, no matter what you’d want your garden tidy and pleasant to be looked at.

The following 60 Practical DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas for Your Garden will give you ideas on keeping yout garden neat. Outdoor storage isn’t exactly straightforward. A home usually has closets, cabinets, and drawers to hide your unappealing possessions. But sometimes, when you need to keep it outside home, you have to think outside the box to organize and store your stuff. But no matter the situation — whether you have a teeny balcony, medium-sized patio, or sprawling lawn — there are plenty of easy, practical ways to store your landscaping tools, pool cleaning equipment, gardening materials, kids’ toys, and more.

If you have lots of stuff in your home, you’ll love to see these outdoor storage ideas we’ve compiled for you here in this article. Here we have 60 DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas you can make your own that’s not just easy,but also practical. Scroll through and choose the one you like. Be inspired!