Chandelier is lighting fixture that will affect room decoration. There are plenty variations of chandelier that can be bought from the store. However, it will expensive if you choose the marvelous one. You can create a gorgeous chandelier with personal touch. Like these following ideas;

A house without window is like a cave, spooky and dark. The function of window can be for decorative accents too or create balance depending on the size of your room. Let us see more inspiring window treatment that will blow our mind;

Installing animal print into a living is nice. Then, leopard print will give you a touch of wild but comfy room ambience. You can find leopard in rug, chair, coffee table, and more. Look at these living rooms with leopard that will blow your mind as follow;

Kid’s room usually filled with many toys, one of them is stuffed toys. We need to create more storage to save kid’s toys and make the room looks tidy and neat. You can use boxes, wire basket, or pocket. Wall-mounted storage is one of the best ideas that will help us to store kid’s toys without take more spaces. See these inspiring toys storage below;

Have you ever gone to Asian country? There are many unique things that can be found. You can see various ethnics and arts. Installing Asian style for your dining room will be a fabulous idea. It will be about statue, wood, and bamboo. Like these following dining rooms that inspired by Asian country. Check out!

Concrete wall usually deals with industrial style. However, we will not talk about it. Due to concrete can be combined with any furniture items, designing a room with concrete wall is not hard. The thinks that you need to consider is your room theme. Here are bedroom with concrete wall ideas to copy;

You will find many houses apply wooden floor, wooden wall, and wooden ceiling. Wooden based material furniture items will make us feel warm and relax. Installing wooden based material for bathroom is nice. Bathtub that made from wood material will make us feel calm and comfy. Take a look at bathroom designs below that use wooden oval bathtub!

White kitchen countertop looks elegant and clean. It shows us how the owner cares this spot. Further, white is neutral that can be mixed with any colors for more attractive look. Combine it with wooden based material is great idea to see a sleek cooking space. See these kitchens with white countertop below;