Some people only buy one knife but others may have more than ten. If you are a chef or just someone who loves to cook very much, collecting some knives may important. Due to each knife have its own function. Then, you need a block to save them. Check out these ideas;

Natural material like wood or bamboo can be used for creating awesome craft. This week, you can choose one of this crafts from bamboo to upgrade your room decoration. Since bamboo is cheap and easy to find, you will not lose your money neither time for it. Hold these ideas to inspire you;

Do you have any plan this weekend? Why don’t you try to do simple projects for upgrading your kitchen space? It doesn’t have to remodel it in new design. Create one or more crafts also will improve it looks. Check out these ideas;

Welcoming spring and or summer doesn’t have to make you lose your money. To upgrade room decor with inexpensive home items, you can create new accents with rattan or wicker. It brings sunshine inside. Rattan home items are ideal for any room decor whether mid-century, boho, modern, or others.

Bar cart is important to serve any drinks, whether it is coffee, tea, or wine. Rather than spending more money to buy the new one, creating DIY bar cart will be much better. Prepare wood as the basic material and some tools like drill, jigsaw, nails, and stuffs. See these following ideas;

Decorate a room with chalkboard may look as a trend that anyone should have. It is cheap and easy to do even for a DIY newbie. Chalkboard board can be as decorative and functional item for any room, included kitchen. check out these ideas further;