If you need an inspiration to add a little fun to your space, try to make an accent wall. Whether it is light and bright, or dark and dramatic, this is a great way to have fun with color and/or pattern. Accent walls can also be a good way to spruce up your space especially during summer. Not only are they less time-consuming to paint than a whole room, they add a striking focal point which can really bring the elements of your space together to create a theme.

You don’t necessarily need the help of a professional interior designer to make your dream bathroom. It’s enough to broaden your horizon and to think outside the box. Bathroom is one of the hardest-working spaces in the home. If it’s not functional, everybody suffer, so think function first.

During 4th of July, stars and stripes are everywhere. So let’s show off your American spirit with a festive decoration. Spruce up your Independence Day celebration with sparklers, flags, and patriotic centerpieces. There are tons of adorable red, white and blue crafts that are perfect for celebrating July 4th, too.

When starting to decorate your living room, there are many question pops out in mind. Should you go light or bright? Should you be conservative or go all out? But the truth is that is you follow your instinct, decorating is not really that scary, especially if you decided to decorate your space colorfully.

Living room is a place of relaxation and intimate get-together, that is why, it deserve a top design priority. If you need an inspiration to decorate your living room, then you are come into the right page. For a sophisticated living room, try to decorate your living room by mixing the antiques and vintage finds, which create a sense of balance. Or consider to layer your living room with earthy tones and bold stripes.

Designing a small bathroom may seem like a difficult task for some people. But actually, there are plenty of ways that you can do to imbue spaciousness and functionality if you design it right. Don’t give up with your small bathroom. With a few thoughtful modifications and improvements, tiny bathrooms can be functional and even practical.

We all agree that first impression is everything. That is why, home exterior is the most important aspect of making your home stand out. Home exterior is the first thing that catches the eye and makes people think about what it would be like to love inside of the house. So let’s make a lovely home exterior design to impress every one.

Cactus are not limited to the desert anymore. This plant is become the latest home decor trend. Cactus are great as an interior decorations because they don’t require much maintenance and they also comes in variety of shapes, heights and beauty. Still not sure with it?

A sofa table makes a versatile addition to any living room. It provides a functional and fashionable accent that will enhance the overall look and feel of your space. Sofa tables not can only be a strictly decorative. It also provide a space for storage, or provide a useful buffer between the back of the sofa and the wall.

Rustic dining room table sets are getting to be quite a popular selection. If you wish to create a room that every person can go to to be able to get away for even a little period of time, then your dining room can be that escape. The dining table is wherever your meals are served each and every day.