48 Popular Rustic Painted Brick Fireplaces Ideas

Plus it was very porous and I know that it would take a great deal of paint. An alternate to brick and paint is to go for a wonderful stone finish. The face of each brick in addition to the mortar lines ought to be covered.

On Winter, the best thing to be owned on this such a cold weather is the coziness that will accompanies your nights and may achieved by the furry blankets, hot drinks and a crackling fire. For all of those things, the most stand out thing may the fireplace that has been ignored and unused for a long time of the year. It will finally comes to life again in all its warm fire where suddenly all is right in your cold night. Anyway, as the winter comes and the fireplace will works on its duty again, it is so much worthy for you to renew your fireplace look. You can paint it in a rustic look to bring out a warmer and welcoming atmosphere into your cold winter night as it will give you a fresh and stylish yet classic, moreover, it is timeless.

To create a rustic fireplace, there are some choices exist, let us start with the soft neutral color in creamy paint that will freshens up your old brick fireplace while still allowing its original character to shine through. You can also make it into a rough-hewn wood mantel that will allow you to have your painted brick fireplace a rustic feel. Metallic candleholders adorn the mantel would offsetting the rusticity with a glamorous touch. Moreover, the black charcoal gray fireplace serves as a striking contrast to the bright, white walls in this stunning living area. A rough-hewn mantel brings attention to the natural texture of the painted bricks which is will absolutely cool and gorgeous for the rustic look. If it is possible, a redwood mantel lends a gorgeous punch of rusticity to your white brick fireplace. All of those explanation won’t tell you much without any real examples, right? Here, we will show you some of the gorgeous rustic fireplace designs to give you a clear illustration. Hope you will like it and can get the inspiration!

50 Gorgeous Scandinavian Living Room Ideas Trending Today

Formal living room furniture can continue to be comfortable. A rug may be used to zone a seating area. Scandinavian living room ought to have a significant window, painted white.

Living room is a space in your house that is quite important where you can spend your free time there after your busy office day, having a chit chat with your family and friends while enjoying beverages, or simply having your own netflix time at night till you are fall asleep. To create a gorgeous living room design that also has a functional value, the Scandinavian style could be your best choice. Basically, the aesthetic of this style can be applied to many different spaces, but its love of simplicity, natural elements, and functionality is especially ideal for a living room. Don’t wait to long, go start doing your scandinavian living room decoration plan and you will be amazed.

For your references, if your living room space has the sunlight streams in from overhead skylights, it would be great to create illumination of the clean lines, you just need to carefully choose the furnishings to achieve your lovely living room. You can add a gallery wall which is a great way to add personality to an otherwise minimal design. Do the mismatched patterns like plaid and chevron for the subtle colors to make them work together. On the other hand, yellow accents like yellow accent chairs, can add more interest that against the black and white room color scheme is also quite common for the scandinavian style with the rustic and unique coffee table as a nice touch. For the lighting, dangling caged lightbulbs can be a creative alternative to replace the chandelier or other typical track lighting. It will give you a more modern and unique lighting than the chandelier. The gorgeous scandinavian living room designs will be shown on the gallery below. Don’t leave this page and go check the pictures first. Hope you can find the designs that match with your needs. Good luck!

55 Cute Pink Bedroom Designs Ideas That Are Dream Of Every Girl

Bedrooms can be difficult to decorate. Secondly, a comforter is intended to cover only the cover of the mattress as a bedspread was designed to cover the entire bed and droop low enough to cover the box spring. Girls are extremely competitive!’

Pink is the mixture of red and white colors, between the bold and soft color that can produce a pretty pink color which is very phenomenal, even it is an identical color for female. However, to make a whole things in your home to be in pink color sounds a little bit too much, so that people apply the pink color into their own bedroom, since this room is dedicated for your own privacy so that you can free yourself to do anything you want into your bedroom. Besides, pink color scheme seems any girls’ dream to be applied into their bedrooms as it very cute and pretty at the same time.

In case you are wondering on how to apply the color into your bedroom, well, you can apply it as much as you want, but you can start with the most basic thing, that is your wall. After the wall, you can move into your curtain and bed, or any fabric material available in your bedroom. Combine it with other neutral colors like white, beige, grey, or even black not to make it look too much. Simply choose the color that is the most suitable with your personality. If you love something soft, calm, and super feminine, pick white color to be the combination of your pink color scheme, however if you love something bold and strength in a beauty, choose grey or black. For the ornament, if you have paint your wall in pink, then yoy can’t hang something pink on your wall because it won’t be seen. Try to pick any other colors so that it can match perfectly with your wall’s color. As we wish you to have a clear illustration of the adorable pink color scheme for your bedroom, we will serve you with some pictures of this color designs. Be inspired and enjoy!

48 Stylish Bathroom Designs Ideas With Addition Of Stone For Elegant Look

Today, virtually every bathroom improvement comprises a vanity. Similar to any other room, it gives an excellent opportunity to be creative. If your bathroom is simply as teeny, you may be able to squeeze it into a cupboard under the staircase.

Sometimes, bathroom becomes a room that people don’t really take concern of it, whereas, bathroom can be your relaxation room that can freshen up your body after your hectic and busy time all day long. If you still have that kind of basic bathroom, then it’s time for you to give a certain touch to make it look delight so that you can be happier spending your time there. For your advice, you can installing stones for your bathroom decoration to bring out natural impression to build a peaceful feeling into your soul. Besides, this stone decoration can give you an elegance look as well which is very good where you can have something natural and elegance at the same time.

Stone is quite simple to keep clean and maintain as well, which makes it the ideal option for a bathroom atmosphere. It can add texture, color and pattern with a modern rustic appeal that is very natural and eco-friendly yet luxurious. Basically, there are a variety of finishes that can be applied to give a dimension of the stone to achieve diverse architectural and aesthetic effects. The finishes are not limited in polished and honed finishes but also textured finishes such as bush-hammered, sandblasted, and thermal. For the application, there are many ideas on how to apply stone into your bathroom design scheme, such as a floor to ceiling accent wall, stone flooring, stone countertops, stone showers, a stone wall above a built-in bathtub, and more where the options are limitless, even stone bathtubs will look amazing and warm on yoir bathroom and so do the washbasins. For the characteristic, rough stone creates a rustic atmosphere with a natural twist and sleek stone adds luxury and elegance. After all of the explanations above, now it’s time for you to look at the example on the pictures below. Go get it fast!

53 Perfect Rectangular Glass Coffee Tables Ideas

There you will receive several images with regard to glass coffee tables. Rectangular glass tables ought to be cleaned and maintained on a normal basis. Rectangular glass coffee tables are popular around the world for decorating indoors.

Tables are the must have items of every house. Every room of house needs tables to put anything or just to complete the room setting. A glass table is an interesting furniture. It has the same functions as other kinds of table. The point is that how to select and maintain a good glass table then. In choosing the appropriate  furniture for our house, we surely need to consider the material, the maintenance, the function, and the budget. No matter what our home concept is, a glass table is elegant to put in the living room.

There are some shapes of a glass table, such as round, oval, rectangular, and square. Any shapes of glass table can help to beautify our living room. Some people choose a certain shape of a glass table depends on the artistic value they need to present at home. Why do some people usually put a glass table in the living room? Because living room is the place where family often get together while watch tv and drink cups of coffee. And this kind of useful table plays an important role to set the living room. On the other hands, the consideration in selecting a glass table is that it should be maintained well and carefully. It also must be cleaned everyday to avoid crust and dirt. A high quality glass table is usually combined with good wood or iron. But, glass tables combined with iron look like stronger than wooden glass tables. Moreover, for safety reason, it is better to put a carpet under the glass table. This carpet has functions to avoid slippery and moveable table. Besides, this carpet also has aesthetic value to beautify the whole look of the glass table. Some people seem like to have rectangular glass table since it can be placed and fitted perfectly on the center or corner of the room. Also, this kind of glass table is suitable to a minimalist room to make larger impression. Its simplicity will match well with the concept of minimalist home. A glass table usually has two colors only, black and brown. These colors are commonly used since they create the impression of strong, modern, expensive yet simple. Black and brown are a neutral colors which are flexible to combine with any other furniture and wall paints. The followings are the illustration of interesting rectangular glass coffee tables. Hope they can inspire you in setting your furniture at home.


54 Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

House wall ideas are plenty of options available to select from on today’s’ web. By getting your chief pieces pulling double duty, it’s possible to comfortably accommodate all of your living room requirements. Small spaces can often look claustrophobic.

Having a well-decorated home whether interior or exterior is everyone’s dream. It will create the coziness and happiness for whoever at home. Moreover, a gorgeous interior decoration will make the owner more confident to welcome guests who come.

To beautify your house, surely you need to give some touches to your home, especially the wall decoration. Basically, wall is the space that you have to express your idea and represents your character. Wall decoration can be placed in any room by considering the function, wall paint color, and how much available space is. It does not a matter what concept of house you use, whether it is minimalist, modern, vintage, or rustic, wall decoration will add the aesthetic value for your house. First example is a wooden shelf is an interesting wall decoration. Though it is simple, but it has meaningful function to put some ornaments, books, or flower vases. Second, the most common wall decoration is photo college. It can be in the form of framed photos or stuck photos. For a rustic home theme, some wooden boards can be applied as a space to stick your photos. Thus, every guest who comes can see your photos in a unique way. Third, for a minimalist house concept, the idea of putting a quite large mirror can help to make the living room seems larger. Mirror also helps to add lighting in the living room. Next wall decoration is about put a big or unique clock as a tool to inform the guest about the time. The idea of having some paintings is interesting as well since they can color a plain wall. Same as paintings, you can also have wall stickers which are available in many colors and picture or even 3D form so that you will have a plain wall anymore. If your home is cozy, beautiful, and elegant, surely you will like to spend much time and enjoy your family time. Scrool down and get elegant living room wall decor!



59 Captivating Public Bathroom Design Ideas

It’s possible to create a playful bathroom interior with different colours. Figure out the latest pictures of Public Bathroom Design here, and also you may find the pictures through our very best Bathroom Designs collection. When you wish to renovate your bathroom, always consider the style you need and work towards getting products that will allow you to attain your fantasy bathroom.

Designing public bathrooms is as important as designing our bathroom at home. The utility, cleanliness, safety, and aesthetic aspect should be considered first. Public bathrooms also have to be as cozy as possible to make the user feel comfortable.

Some people may think that public bathrooms always filthy and messy. So, they are not keen on using this one of public facilities. This is reasonable since some public bathrooms are not always cleaned everyday. It makes them smell so bad and dirty. But, nowadays there are many countries that have the concept to make unique, sustainable, and captivating public bathrooms. Moreover, they even make these public bathrooms with modern architecture. Some developed countries like Japan, Texas, London, and Poland has applied methods to make a very comfortable and cool public bathrooms. Japan made this kind of public facilities becomes a very clean space. Completed with high technology elements, their public bathrooms is friendly used for disable person. Basically, as public facilities, the bathrooms should have excellent services. Beaches, tourist attractions, malls, and markets are the places that public bathrooms are usually built. Provide public bathrooms with enough lighting is a must. Then, use stainless steel sinks covered with glass to avoid rust and stain. Pay attention more on the safety aspect since a bathroom is a very private room for both men and women. Drainage and ventilation system.should be considered as well. Give a space, though only a little, to let sunlight come in to the bathroom. In addition, modern or minimalist public bathrooms usually apply dominant white and black decor and ornament. While, the rustic one tends to use beige or wooden color. The existence of mirror plays essential role since it makes the impression of larger space, it also becomes a must available item. The last, give ornaments like paintings, fragrance, or flower vase to make elegant touches. From all the ideas above, the main aspect to focus on is the cleanliness of the public bathrooms themselves. An excellent bathroom decoration seems like nothing without considering cleanliness aspect. Well, check these picture below and get more inspiration of public bathrooms. Enjoy!


44 Fantastic Diy Pumpkin Decorations Ideas To Beautify Your Home Decor

Once you are pleased with the design, you can use a Sharpie. Doilies can be bought at your craft store for a couple bucks each. Repeat the process with all the pumpkins that you’re decorating.

Talking about pumpkin decoration, commonly it will bring you to the Halloween or Thanksgiving events. However, you can have this pumpkin decoration just anytime you want anyway. Since there are no basic rule for you to use what things that are allowed to be your decoration materials, you can even have snow ornament for your summer season decoration. The problem that may occurs when you would use pumpkin as your decoration is that you may will find it difficult to get the pumpkin on some season especially on summer. Anyway, no matter how you get the pumpkin, if you really wish to have it as your decoration, let’s just talk about on what wonderment that you can do with this.

The easiest way that may you can do for your pumpkin decoration is by tint it or paint it in some different colors or you can even make pattern on it. If you want to have colorful boho touch, paint it with some bright colors like red, yellow, or pink, simply combine those colors together based on your personal taste. Also, if you want the modern one, you can make it into monochrome colors and pattern with dot, triangle, striped and more, then place it in the spot that you think will be the best decoration spot in you home. The other ideas is by make it as the substitute of candle holder. You can place it on the dining table as the centrepiece ornament or at your indoor entryway to impress your guests. For the vintage and wonderful pumpkin DIY, you can punching hole on the pumpkin to make the shape of smiling face. It may will be a little bit difficult because the pumpkin is tough enough, but the result is really worthy that your sacrifice is not futile. Look at the pictures below to get some great examples of the pumpkins decoration. Hope you will love it!

40 Astonishing Extra Large Rectangular Dining Tables Ideas

From them all Rectangular Dining Tables are definitely the most popular. In the event that you are in possession of a big table, then it’s possible to install major table cabinets. Tables with round pedestals are well suited for contemporary dining areas, and provide a lot of legroom.

As the second room to get together with your family, dining room has to be decorated well since it will make certain impressions. The coziness and cleanliness is the most two important things to focus on decorating a dining room.

A dining room can be one of rooms in your house which is as a place to spend more time with your family. One of the important elements of a dining room is a dining set. A dining set is the point of a dining table. Everyone who enters the dining room wish that they would enjoy food and drink cozily. In selecting a dining set, you should consider some aspects like ergonomic and aesthetic. An extra-large rectangular table is a very useful idea. It is astonishing since for you who get worried of making a dinner or lunch together with all your big family. If you invite many people to come, you do not need to be worried because an extra-large rectangular dining table will support more food and drink you have. The material to make dining table are usually from aluminium or wooden. Some rustic dining room perfectly use wooden dining sets. This idea creates the impression of natural and homey. The setting of room which unite the wooden dining sets with a large rectangular dining table to the kitchen is an interesting idea to make a dinner with your big family. On the other hands, you can also create a luxurious dining room in a modern style, whether a modern contemporary or modern minimalist by putting this large rectangular dining table from wooden and custom made chairs. Get more inspiration of some astonishing extra-large rectangular dining table by scroll down this page. Enjoy!