Even a single carpet could create amazing look for a bathroom decor. No matter it is for a big or small bathroom, the uses of carpet to complete it will affect the whole design. It comes to add warm and cozy feeling. If you want to install a carpet to finish your bathroom design, take a look for these following ideas below to inspire you

Believe it or not, the color of a room will dramatically affect your mood. When you need to boost your energy colorful room helps you. So, it is nice to build bathroom with more colors. Either kids or adults will love it. You may choose the tone whether classic, trendy, or eclectic. Customize it with two or more colors. However, you need to match it with your house character.

Some homeowners choose to use attic space for more functional spot like bedroom or bathroom. When you prefer to build bathroom rather than bedroom, you need to consider the elements for it. Think about small bathtub, vanity, and other stuffs. Don’t let your furniture too crowded to fill the space. See ideas below;

Installing plants for bathroom will not only upgrade the look but also purify the air. So that, you can relive stress, boost your mood, and take back your energy after bathing. Choose any plants that are water-loving, easy maintenance, and can live with limited sun light. Check out these ways;

Beach atmosphere makes us feel calm and relax. Applying beachy style for bathroom is nice idea to get more relaxing place. Designing bathroom with beach-inspired accents will not cost much. You may add shells, turtles, or sea stars.

A guest toilet is usually in a small space. However, it doesn’t mean to look monotonous. There some elements inside merely vanity with sink, toilet, and storage. Further, you can add some decorative accent just like green plants, mirror, and or chandelier. Take a look at these ideas to inspire you.

When decorating your bathroom, most of people are confuse to choose whether having a tub or a shower in the bathroom. But why choose one when you can have both? Yes, a bathroom with tub shower combo is all you need. Problem solved.

Bathroom is an essential part of any home. Most of us wants a functional bathroom that is also lovely. If you are not sure on what to do, worry not. We’re here to help you.