An old house actually can look brand new if we change the look and add some items. People usually tend to repaint wall color, install new accents and or furniture items. Moreover, if it is a house that already out of date. We need to touch it with new style. It doesn’t have to following the trend but give timeless decor.

Industrial-style apartment usually appears in masculine feel. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. We can build an apartment that looked graceful though with an industrial touch. It deals with the color chosen, furniture items, and other accents. As like as this following apartment design that once is vodka factory. Let us see further!

After coming back from office, everyone wishes to spend more time with family. Unfortunately, most of them also have to di many houseworks. Then, it will be nice to live in apartment where all family can get involved each other. The parents can cook while watching their kids on their play ground. As like as this following apartment that designed for kids.

If you want to build a home office but only have limited area, you can try wall-mounted desk. It completed well with storage too. When you already finished your project, just fold it up. Then, you will have a neat and tidy nook. Check out these ideas to inspire you;

A house without window is like a cave, spooky and dark. The function of window can be for decorative accents too or create balance depending on the size of your room. Let us see more inspiring window treatment that will blow our mind;

Have you ever gone to Asian country? There are many unique things that can be found. You can see various ethnics and arts. Installing Asian style for your dining room will be a fabulous idea. It will be about statue, wood, and bamboo. Like these following dining rooms that inspired by Asian country. Check out!