Printed chairs usually installed to add exciting dining room space. Some homeowners combine them with plaid chairs or upholstered chairs. However, some others use all printed chairs. Though use printed chairs need more effort to combine it with other furniture, those items still eye-catching for upgrading dining room decor. Check out these inspiring ways;

Black accent wall ease you to combine with any room decor. For dining room, it will create a calm and relaxing space while enjoy your meals. Even, you may add other pieces to sharp it up. Like combine it with pendant light, framed pictures, or other stuffs.

If you wish to keep a cohesive look of your house, try to add classic items. Since vintage furniture is timeless, it will not make your home decor look monotonous. However, you need to consider your room design before adding vintage pieces. Make sure the color, texture, and or pattern will not break your style. These are what you need to consider installing classic pieces on your home;

Teach your kids to love reading books by building a fun and attractive reading nook for them. You can use an empty space at their room, your hallway, or your closet as their reading nook. Make sure you apply attractive decoration to make them enjoy their reading time. See these following inspirations;

One of the busiest spot in our house is entryway. People walk in and out every day. Applying the most comfortable floor material for this area is important. There some flooring materials that will improve your entryway design. Check out these ideas;

Have you thought an idea to decor your entryway this spring? Designing an entryway should be simple but inviting. Due to entryway tends to located in a small area. So, you need to think about a simple decor with more wreaths, blooms, fresh ambience, or garland. Check out these ideas below to inspire you more;

Celebrating thanksgiving doesn’t have to buy expensive items for decoration. In contrast, creating DIY thanksgiving decoration with your family is great way to get closer each other. It is the time to have better quality time with your family member. Check out these ideas of thanksgiving decoration further;