Nowadays, staircase is built with various styles. Due to it doesn’t only functioned for going up to the second level, but also as decorative element of a house. It is such a dream to have a unique staircase design for our modern home. Here are some staircase design that durable and also functional as follow. Check out further!

For decades you accumulate lot of photos and memory with your friedns and loved one. But how you treat these memories? With sweet and amazing memories come a great frames to hold it up. Make your photo look more amazing with these 10 DIY Photo Frames For Your Sweet Memories

With the upcoming of a new season, the desire to make up your space at home into more fresh begins to creep in with the cooler weather. Turns out, small changes probably have a major design impact. It can be as not difficult adding a bold light fixture or re-framing your artwork. No expensive renovation required, here it is Swift Facelifts To Wake Up Your Home Now.

If you have lot of books with small space to keep it, then building extra storage to keep it is a must. But then again limited space in your house is became a big problem, especially if you guys have a small house. Using small space to build extra storage for your books is challenging because you need to make it looks match with your home design and layout. But don’t worry because I will give you 9 Ideas to Built Storage Space Using Small Space.

Chandelier is lighting fixture that will affect room decoration. There are plenty variations of chandelier that can be bought from the store. However, it will expensive if you choose the marvelous one. You can create a gorgeous chandelier with personal touch. Like these following ideas;

Adding caddy to bathroom will create spa-like feeling. Furthermore, it will only cost little price. You can use glass and or wood to make chic caddies for luxurious bathroom look. Use for keeping your most favorite books or other stuffs like candles, essentials, or even smart phone while taking a bath. Check out this DIYs to inspire you;

Medicine cabinet is important for bathroom. It can be used for saving first aid remedies, bathroom stuffs, essentials, and medicine. However, seeing its design may look monotonous. Upgrade it up periodically may look better. You can give wallpaper, repaint, or adding glass and mirror. Check out these ideas further;

Industrial style will not only limit to masculine look. You are free to use industrial furniture for modern, farmhouse or other room style. If you have enough time this week, try to create industrial shelving unit. The use of pipe and wood will only take little price. Check out these ideas further;

Adding furniture should consider the function and style. When you want to install shelves, you need to see the shape. Wooden box may look common storage but you can style it for more eye-catching appearance. You can hang them on the wall or put at your room nook. Check out these ideas further.

Repurpose old piano for other functional items help you to have new furniture items with little price or even no budget. You may take more time to do the project. Made from wood, piano can be fit to any room decoration. So, don’t throw away your old piano. Or if you don’t have it, go to garage sale! See these following ideas to copy!