Front yard landscape is the first area where your guest will see. So, you need to think over of how to make it looks attractive and inviting. Using shrubs for landscaping is great idea. They will be the focal point of your garden design. However, consider your site and climate condition as well, whether the shrubs will fit to your ground or not. Check out these landscaping ideas with shrubs below;

Live in a small apartment and or condominium makes you hard to find outdoor area to plant herbs. Though you only want to plant basil, you need to find the space. However don’t worry, you still be able to have herbs plant, not only basil but also other herbs you want, by using indoor planter. See these following ideas that may inspire you;

Build unique pathway for your garden is not hard. Install some stepping stones with sophisticated pattern will upgrade your garden look. DIY stepping stones are economical and decorative. Copy these stepping stone pattern ideas for your garden to upgrade it up. However, you may try different patterns as you like as well. Let’s check out!

Garden is the best place to enjoy the outdoor. If you have a garden space at home, it is best to create an inviting and enjoyable garden. But what if your budget is super tight and you aren’t sure you can afford everything you need to create a garden? Keep reading to get started gardening on a budget.

If you want to make your home feel more lively, vibrant, and peaceful, consider to add a few plants of your home. There are endless benefits of having houseplant, from improved health and mood, to a greater sense of home satisfaction. If you are lack on space, worry not. An indoor wall planters is all you need. 

There’s something magical going on in fairy garden. They are enchanting, the detail and devotion will engage you. They are miniature gardens filled with magic. Tiny houses, lawns and ponds, chairs – fairy worlds which you can create in any space that you have.

If you are planning to upgrade your outdoor space, consider to add a stepping stone. Stepping stone is definitely will add beauty to your outdoor space. Beside their aesthetic potential, garden stepping stones also have many practical uses throughout the yard. Scroll down to found out more.

What is your goal on having a front fence? Is it to keep kids and pet contained? Increase privacy? Or simply boost property value by giving the front yard a nice look?

Bedrooms may be the simplest room in the house to work on and consequently DIY bedroom makeovers are popular. Give an absolutely free rein to your creativity and you’re sure to produce many suggestions for headboards that you may use to fully change the appearance of your bedroom.