Spring is the great time for your garden. Your garden is supposed to be your little oasis where you can relax and forget everything about the daily stress, disconnect and just enjoy the time spent with your loved ones. Spring is the best opportunity to add some beauty to your garden. So you should start to do some interesting and charming gardening projects to dress up your garden.

Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to think about your backyard entertaining options. Your exterior space doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you have a tiny balcony or an expansive garden, creating a fabulous outside area will help you take full advantage of warm weather. With just a little bit of effort, this area can become your favorite spot in the entire home.

Raised garden beds are great things for every gardeners. It allow you to gardening without fighting stones and roots. And the soil in raised garden beds stay perfectly fluffy since it does not get walked on. And plus, you can planting sooner than the actual date.

Hello, non-skilled carpenters. Let’s save money by building your own furniture. DIY projects is always fun to do. As a beginner, you can start with a simple project, coffee table. 

Do you like to add a greenery to you home? What can you do if you don’t have an outdoor space but still want to add greenery? If you want to add a greenery to your home but don’t have an outdoor space to put it, indoor garden is all you need. Let’s bring the greenery inside. 

Backyard ponds have become one of today’s most requested outdoor amenities. More homeowners are discovering that they don’t need a trip to the cabin to enjoy a place on the water. A pond or waterfall soothes the senses and refreshes the spirit, and it gives the tired eyes a welcome rest and establishes an attractive destination in the landscape. So why don’t you have it one?

Creating a backyard paradise is everyone’s dream. From healthy plants, easy irrigation and a gorgeous lawn, to functional outdoor furniture and peaceful water features, the options are endless. And adding a waterfall is one way to enhance it. Regardless of which option you choose, waterfalls add relaxing, natural sounds to your outdoor living space.

Rock garden is the latest landscape idea which become a new trend. It needs low maintenance and survive in unpredictable weather. It also helps you make your yard looks bigger therefore many people apply rock garden to their yard. Here are several ideas to create rock garden by yourself.

Whether you are a gardening beginner or an avid plant collector, succulents add a fresh, innovative perspective to everyday gardening. This weirdly wonderful house plants are become everyone’s favorite nowadays. They only need little water and care. Only with ample light, airflow, and adequate drainage, your succulents are set up for success.