Christmas will soon coming and knock our door, and to welcom santa we need to decorate our house as beautiful as we can. So far, how is the progress of you decoration? Stuck? Or maybe you still haven’t decided the theme for your decoration. Well in this article I will discuss 13 Rustic Decoration on Christmas and maybe it will inspire and give you more idea.

Have you ever think to change your attic into something amazing? Maybe you can change your attic into bathroom, reading room, or luxurious library? Well you can always make your idea into reality anytime you want.

Kid’s room usually filled with many toys, one of them is stuffed toys. We need to create more storage to save kid’s toys and make the room looks tidy and neat. You can use boxes, wire basket, or pocket. Wall-mounted storage is one of the best ideas that will help us to store kid’s toys without take more spaces. See these inspiring toys storage below;

Switch light is important item. Some people may avoid it, but it takes major function to our lighting. Why don’t you try to make it more interesting? Give it covers, frame, or paint to upgrade its look that also means to improve your room decor. Check out these DIY light switch plates ideas below;

Dare to be more creative? Try to create something useful from buttons. Some people use button for crafting shoes, clothes, pr bags. However, you can try to make different thing. Why don’t you try to create home items with buttons? It will improve your room decoration with little price.

If you are a pet lover, building pet food stations is a must. People usually build it in kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, or laundry cabinet. Get large drawer for big pet and vice versa. Just be creative to use empty space of your cabinet. Two bowls are enough for pouring your pet’s food. See these following ideas;

For you who live in apartment, condominium, or in a place with warm weather, it may be hard to create fireplace. However, you may adore fireplace for your living room. The best solution is creating faux fireplace. It will not give you dust. Moreover, you gain wonderful interior design. Check out these ideas to inspire you!

This winter you will get warmer home without spending much money. Crete DIY faux fur home items also will not take much time. Faux fur is soft and comfy to be used for covering your old pieces or you can create it for wall decor too.

Decorate your empty wall doesn’t have to with expensive accents. By using paper you can change your wall decor. Create paper flowers and hang them on the wall in various ways. It will create tremendous effect without take much money. It can be in a term of wreath, frame, or just some flowers on the wall. See these following ideas below;

Though only some toothbrushes but those items will cause clutter if you can’t organize them. So, you need storage to keep them neat. Instead of buying toothbrush holder on the store, it will be better for you to create it. See these examples of DIY toothbrush holder that easy to make below;