If you have a globe at your house that is not used any more, just change it into more functional way. You may get new item from old globe with simple creation. Check out these ideas of repurposing old globe ideas as follows;

Natural material like wood or bamboo can be used for creating awesome craft. This week, you can choose one of this crafts from bamboo to upgrade your room decoration. Since bamboo is cheap and easy to find, you will not lose your money neither time for it. Hold these ideas to inspire you;

Do you have any plan this weekend? Why don’t you try to do simple projects for upgrading your kitchen space? It doesn’t have to remodel it in new design. Create one or more crafts also will improve it looks. Check out these ideas;

Home should be the place where you can feel calm, happy and protected. Thus, it is important to make your home as the most comfortable space for you. And adding your personality to your home is as important as making your home comfortable. Keep reading to know the way to let your personality shine through in your home.

Building something with your hands is always give you a satisfying feeling. Just think of how good you felt when you finally did it, the accomplishment factor is the key. That is why most of people nowadays are so into DIY things. And taking up DIY at home can actually relieve stress and reduce anxiety linked to the constant expectation to be connected to technology. 

As a nature lovers, some of you probably dreaming of an outdoor wedding of your own. And to make it happen, there is no need to rent an outdoor space. Garden full of sprawling spring flowers also can be a perfect place for your wedding. If you are one of them and decided to have a garden wedding, keep reading.

Do you have dogs at home? Where did you put them to sleep? We all know that dogs are often feel happy to lay their heads down in a multitude of place at home, including your bed. That is why, it is important to give your dog their own space for napping and resting at night.