Family room is the most popular room in the house, It is the perfect place to hang out, watch movies, play games, or even just to relax together. The key on having the best family room is make it as comfortable as you can. If you want to spruce up your family room, then you are come into the right page.

The biggest problem that many people facing at home is space. Proper utilization of space and the need for maximizing available floor space has become very important. And the best solution to all your problem is by adding a shelving system at home. With shelving system, you can arrange, organize and stock up things precisely in every space of your home. Shelve is definitely will saves you a lot of valuable floor space.

A black and white palette is timeless and classic. There are endless possibilities, from subdued to statement-making. Whether you’re color-phobic or color obsessed, you’re guaranteed to fall for these black and white spaces. So let’s give your home a dramatic accents with black and white colors.

A coffee table is a style of long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of (or next to) a sofa or upholstered chairs. It is to support your beverages, magazine books, decorative objects, and other items to be used while sitting. Coffee tables are usually found in the living or sitting room. It can be an excellent addition to any living room space not just because they are a sturdy and beautiful article of furniture, but as well because they are versatile and can be practically useful for a number of reasons.

Many people love brick walls. And the brick walls are there for a reason. With a brick walls at your home, your home will never go out of style. A beautifully finished space with exposed brick is both modern and elegantly nostalgic of the past.

If you need an inspiration to add a little fun to your space, try to make an accent wall. Whether it is light and bright, or dark and dramatic, this is a great way to have fun with color and/or pattern. Accent walls can also be a good way to spruce up your space especially during summer. Not only are they less time-consuming to paint than a whole room, they add a striking focal point which can really bring the elements of your space together to create a theme.

Living room is a place where you, your family and friends commune for entertaining. That is why, creating a bright and cheerful living space is an excellent idea. With the right way, designing living room in a colorful and bright scheme can make your space feel warm, comfortable and extremely inviting. With this scheme, your living room will help to energize and invigorate everyone, leaving them feeling blissful and content.

Let’s decorate your living room with a casual Bohemian style. You can start by adding a bright colors and lots of patterns of throw pillows. A floral and paisleys mixed with ethnic patterns like tribal prints and geometric patterns are a hallmark of Bohemian style. But if brights aren’t for you, embrace a subdued mix of shades like olive green, cognac, mustard yellow and rusty oranges.

When starting to decorate your living room, there are many question pops out in mind. Should you go light or bright? Should you be conservative or go all out? But the truth is that is you follow your instinct, decorating is not really that scary, especially if you decided to decorate your space colorfully.

Living room is a place of relaxation and intimate get-together, that is why, it deserve a top design priority. If you need an inspiration to decorate your living room, then you are come into the right page. For a sophisticated living room, try to decorate your living room by mixing the antiques and vintage finds, which create a sense of balance. Or consider to layer your living room with earthy tones and bold stripes.