If you want to add a side curtains for privacy and also a shelter from the sun and the wind, consider to add canopy. Canopy is an overhead roof that is constructed to give you shade and shelter. It is also protect your building from the natural elements and also helps in keeping your home cool. Canopy is not just a protector, it also enhance the look of your space.

If you are thinking about hosting your wedding in your backyard, then you are come into the right page. A backyard wedding is perfect for couples who love to be outdoors and want a uniquely sentimental feel for their wedding. Except the intimacy, there are so many benefits of having a backyard wedding, including cost and convenience. Save your money and get ready for your big day. 

Using natural rocks in landscapes and gardens is become more and more popular nowadays. They are long-lasting and also a great options to ground cover your garden. Another great thing about rock stone garden landscaping is they provide beautiful natural textures, contrasts, and colors to your garden. Still not sure with it?

As a nature lovers, some of you probably dreaming of an outdoor wedding of your own. And to make it happen, there is no need to rent an outdoor space. Garden full of sprawling spring flowers also can be a perfect place for your wedding. If you are one of them and decided to have a garden wedding, keep reading.

There is no better way to accent your pool area than adding a cabana. Whether you are designing or renovating your outdoor space, cabana is great place to relax after a few laps of swimming. Both comfortable and stylish, this covered lounge is perfect to entertaining your family and friends. Keep reading to spark some major outdoor space inspiration.

We all agree that first impression is everything. That is why, home exterior is the most important aspect of making your home stand out. Home exterior is the first thing that catches the eye and makes people think about what it would be like to love inside of the house. So let’s make a lovely home exterior design to impress every one.

Decorating a dining room beach is not quite as difficult as you might think that it is. Dining rooms may be one of the most exotic places in your residence. It includes a lot of different pieces of furniture apart from table and chairs.