When summer comes, some people go traveling, while some others hold summer party. One of the most possible places to hold summer party is terrace. Rooftop terrace will gain you to have wonderful summer with fabulous view. Check out rooftop terrace designs at these lists below for your inspiration. Indeed, you can still have them for other season, not only for summer.

Our bedroom is a place to get relax after long time working. Then, it should be an area with cozy decoration. The use of canopy for beds my look as one of the best ways to upgrade your bedroom without breaking it. You can see these ideas for further inspiration;

Water feature become an element of garden that will make it looks soft and relaxing. Hearing the sounds of water will give us calm and quite feels. Even, it can be the focal interest of your outdoor area. It can works well with rocks, stones, pebble, or green plants. See these following water feature ideas to inspire you;

Your front door is the first place that tells your guest about your house style. Adding some accents like wreath, potted plants or other stuff will spruce it up. Even, you can crate string lights too. Bold color front door will be nice decor. You can see these following bold color font doors that may inspire you.

Wooden doors will give you a front area that looks chic, sleek, and eye-catching. It can work well with transparent glass too. Let your entry way become an original and inviting space that will attract your guest. Here are inspiring wooden front door for modern house that will inspire you;

Outdoor area can be more useful when you build a patio. To have a fresh and relaxing patio, you need to install Asian patio design. It deals with wood, bamboo, statue, and other natural elements. If you want to have Asian patio look, you can steal these ideas;

Outdoor stairs are not formal, unlike indoor stairs that designed well. The garden with different soil surface makes us hard to build the stairs. So, it should be with stone or other material that are durable and can defense any season. However, it has to with eye-catching design too.

Are your old shoes already broken? Don’t throw them away! Using old shoes for planters is great decision. With this idea, you will gain a unique and personal garden look. Just find out some old shoes that will not worn anymore and repurpose them as flower planters. Check out these ideas;

Some people create outdoor bar for escaping. However, some others need it for having fun with friends and or family. After working all day, it will be delighted to spend some minutes outdoor while enjoy the season. Outdoor bar is the best place for it. Check out these cool designs for you;

Small balcony only provides you small space to put some outdoor furniture items. It makes you should think over which pieces that will be installed. The balcony has to look comfy even with additional accent. Some people avoid applying rug for their small balcony. But, you can see these ideas for installing rug for small balcony as follow;