Industrial-style apartment usually appears in masculine feel. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. We can build an apartment that looked graceful though with an industrial touch. It deals with the color chosen, furniture items, and other accents. As like as this following apartment design that once is vodka factory. Let us see further!

After coming back from office, everyone wishes to spend more time with family. Unfortunately, most of them also have to di many houseworks. Then, it will be nice to live in apartment where all family can get involved each other. The parents can cook while watching their kids on their play ground. As like as this following apartment that designed for kids.

When summer comes, some people go traveling, while some others hold summer party. One of the most possible places to hold summer party is terrace. Rooftop terrace will gain you to have wonderful summer with fabulous view. Check out rooftop terrace designs at these lists below for your inspiration. Indeed, you can still have them for other season, not only for summer.

When a kitchen usually built for women, it comes with feminine touch. However, not only women who come to this cooking space. Men who are busy with their outdoor projects also sometimes come to kitchen for cooking. In other words, men also have right to cook. Even, some of them are professional chief. Then, for men, these are the ideas of masculine cooking space designs to inspire you;

There are various materials that can be used to build kitchen countertop, island, and or cabinet. Of course each of them has pros and cross. We need to choose the best kitchen material that will be fit to our kitchen decor. One of the most favorite materials for upgrading kitchen look is terrazzo. If you want to use it for your kitchen, try to see these ideas below;

Our bedroom is a place to get relax after long time working. Then, it should be an area with cozy decoration. The use of canopy for beds my look as one of the best ways to upgrade your bedroom without breaking it. You can see these ideas for further inspiration;

Water feature become an element of garden that will make it looks soft and relaxing. Hearing the sounds of water will give us calm and quite feels. Even, it can be the focal interest of your outdoor area. It can works well with rocks, stones, pebble, or green plants. See these following water feature ideas to inspire you;

Today, we are given advance technology that will make us easier to create architectural design. So, there are numbers of printed tiles to be used for our home decor. Even, we can ask to have more personal printed pattern tiles. Like these following ideas of bathroom with decorative wall tiles that will blow our mind;

Front yard landscape is the first area where your guest will see. So, you need to think over of how to make it looks attractive and inviting. Using shrubs for landscaping is great idea. They will be the focal point of your garden design. However, consider your site and climate condition as well, whether the shrubs will fit to your ground or not. Check out these landscaping ideas with shrubs below;