Switch light is important item. Some people may avoid it, but it takes major function to our lighting. Why don’t you try to make it more interesting? Give it covers, frame, or paint to upgrade its look that also means to improve your room decor. Check out these DIY light switch plates ideas below;

Industrial style will not only limit to masculine look. You are free to use industrial furniture for modern, farmhouse or other room style. If you have enough time this week, try to create industrial shelving unit. The use of pipe and wood will only take little price. Check out these ideas further;

Adding furniture should consider the function and style. When you want to install shelves, you need to see the shape. Wooden box may look common storage but you can style it for more eye-catching appearance. You can hang them on the wall or put at your room nook. Check out these ideas further.

There are many ways to decorate bedroom wall, included by creating gallery wall. You may add framed photos or pictures with various sizes to avoid monotonous look. When you add black and white photo, you gain retro look. Then, if you apply colorful framed pictures, you will get modern gallery. See these ideas to inspire you

Ceiling takes major role for a room decoration. However, it is sometimes disregarded by the owner. Most people only design the ceiling with flat design. Actually, you can design your ceiling with various styles to get more flourishing room decoration. You add materials for your ceiling like fabrics, metals, and wood boards.

Believe it or not, color will affect your mood and spirit. When you come back to your home and see colorful element, it will make you feel fresh and lively. Vibrant color touches to a room will also boost your mood. Install colorful accessories to enlighten your room for more magnificent home decor.

Are you looking for the ideas of using multi-colored drapes? There are two or more colors drapes that will be fit to your bedroom design. Drapes may take as the last touch of your bedroom decor. So, you need to choose the best style. Multi-colored bedroom will upgrade your bedroom. Choose whether vertical or horizontal stripes drapes.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to apply fur or leather cowhide for dining room. When you don’t want to use the original, you can try to use the faux one. It will add more texture and pattern to your dining space. Combine with the seating for cohesive look. If you want to know more about the ways to install cowhide for dining room, check out these ideas;

Indoor plants are nice to attach fresh air. For someone who loves to plant, indoor plants are interesting. If you love plants and want to plant them inside, we mean on the living room, use planters. Contemporary planters are great for any living room theme. Check out these ideas further;