Small balcony only provides you small space to put some outdoor furniture items. It makes you should think over which pieces that will be installed. The balcony has to look comfy even with additional accent. Some people avoid applying rug for their small balcony. But, you can see these ideas for installing rug for small balcony as follow;

Whether you want to add hobo chic or folk decor, you can use a touch of woven wall hanging art. If you wish to add personal touch, you can create it at your free time this weekend. Prepare threads, scraps and yarn with various colors like red, white, pin, orange, or other colors as you like. Then, happy crafting!

Teach your kids to love reading books by building a fun and attractive reading nook for them. You can use an empty space at their room, your hallway, or your closet as their reading nook. Make sure you apply attractive decoration to make them enjoy their reading time. See these following inspirations;

Men’s bedroom usually comes with black and white basic color. However, it is not a mistake to add other color as well. Masculine room deals with simple design with strong statement. One of the best parts to show masculinity at your bedroom is through headboard design. Check out these masculine headboards design further;

A clock is functioned to show the time. However, it can be used as decorative wall accent as well. You will find thousands clock design on the store. If you wish to have unique and more personal clock design, you can create it. See these ideas to trigger your creativity;

Creating DIY stool will not take much time. Even, it is easy and budget-friendly. You can upgrade your room with various stool colors and shapes for more unique view. Whether tool or short stools, they will act as functional and decorative element. See these following DIY stool ideas to inspire you;

One of the busiest spot in our house is entryway. People walk in and out every day. Applying the most comfortable floor material for this area is important. There some flooring materials that will improve your entryway design. Check out these ideas;

Beach atmosphere makes us feel calm and relax. Applying beachy style for bathroom is nice idea to get more relaxing place. Designing bathroom with beach-inspired accents will not cost much. You may add shells, turtles, or sea stars.