When it comes to get brighter living room, we talk about lighting. It might be with chandelier, pendant lamp, or ceiling medallion, and or the combination of those items. Lighting will accentuate the beauty of your architectural ceiling design too. Further, this space will look more elegant and sophisticated. Upgrade your living room with these lighting ideas below;

To decorate a nursery room with tropical touch for your little, it doesn’t have to with bold color. It will be cuter to use neutral color. Tropical means we add summer vibes to a room. Whether you want to design it for little boy or girl, or might be gender neutral, it should be with tropical character like leaves.

Create signs for fall is easy decoration that anyone can make. You can use leaves, pumpkin, branches or other stuffs. Even, you can add some quotes and sayings. Indoor signs should go with any decor. Some people bring berries, veggies, blooms, and other natural touches too. You might be spend more time to craft, but awesome result.

For a large living room, it is not enough with only one lamp. You have to apply multiple lighting fixtures for brighten your living space. Consider mixing and matching your lightings and spread the lamps throughout the ceiling, wall, and floor. This idea will not only for brightening your room but also decorative.

If you want to change your room decor this year, try to apply wainscoting. Surprisingly, it can be painted or stained to match with your desired room decoration. With wood as the basic material for wainscoting, the room will be warmer and softer. This will make your room

Reclaimed wood is awesome for rustic, traditional, or shabby chic kitchen decor. It looks unique and inviting for ceiling. Further, you can combine it with any lighting design. Feel free to paint the beams, but better to let it with its natural color. Check out these ideas below to inspire you;

Have you thought over about Christmas decoration for your home? Why don’t you try to add citrus? It will give nice smell and awesome look. Dried citrus also brings classic touch that improves your decor for Christmas.

Bamboo is a huge trend that will blow our mind. It is not only natural but also artistic. Installing furniture items from bamboo will create warm atmosphere. No matter what your house style is, bamboo will beautify your room. Luckily, you don’t have to spend much time too. Just mix and match bamboo accent carefully. So, it will not look too much. Check out these ideas further;

Rattan is one of the most favorite materials that used for furniture to gain versatile and fabulous look. It comes with natural touch also. A rattan chair is not only functional but also attractive. Adding it for bedroom decor is nice. It works well with any bedroom design, whether modern or traditional.