Bamboo is a huge trend that will blow our mind. It is not only natural but also artistic. Installing furniture items from bamboo will create warm atmosphere. No matter what your house style is, bamboo will beautify your room. Luckily, you don’t have to spend much time too. Just mix and match bamboo accent carefully. So, it will not look too much. Check out these ideas further;

Brick is traditional, but you can use it for modern bathroom design too. When you decide to install bricks for bathroom, don’t be afraid to combine it with other materials like tile, granite, concrete, wood, and soon. It will create sophisticated bathroom look.

Skylight for bathroom helps us to get more light without adding more lamps. Even, it add decorative element that become a timeless trend. Skylight can be built on the ceiling or the space near the ceiling. If you want to use skylight for bathroom, check out our ideas below;

Installing sunken bathtub will give you spa-like bathroom feel. Get relax and enjoy your time of taking a bath with a comfortable bathroom. Though it needs particular space to build, but will give you a spa-like bathroom. Combine with shower to give you more options. Sunken bathtub can be made from concrete, tiles, or the combination of both.

Great lighting will create comfy bathroom. Put the light at the wrong spot will give you shadows. Choose the wrong bulb also will cause annoying design. For the one who love luxurious touch, use chandelier as bathroom lighting is nice. See these ideas;

Bathroom is an essential part of any home. Most of us wants a functional bathroom that is also lovely. If you are not sure on what to do, worry not. We’re here to help you.

You don’t necessarily need the help of a professional interior designer to make your dream bathroom. It’s enough to broaden your horizon and to think outside the box. Bathroom is one of the hardest-working spaces in the home. If it’s not functional, everybody suffer, so think function first.

Designing a small bathroom may seem like a difficult task for some people. But actually, there are plenty of ways that you can do to imbue spaciousness and functionality if you design it right. Don’t give up with your small bathroom. With a few thoughtful modifications and improvements, tiny bathrooms can be functional and even practical.

A sleek and simple bathroom can easily be aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing functionality. That is why, many people are into the minimalist bathroom design now. To get a minimalist look, you can start by sticking into a neutral palette and lots of natural light for a clean and streamlined approach. But make sure that you pay more attention to the detail for a maximum finishes. 

We all spend a lot of time everyday in bathroom. So, making them into a gorgeous place to be is the right things to do. Unique bathtubs, sleek vanity units and modern toilet designs come in all shapes and sizes, to suit spaces and budgets both large and small. Luckily, when it comes to bathrooms, even simple, low-cost refurbishments can have a huge impact.

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