Beach atmosphere makes us feel calm and relax. Applying beachy style for bathroom is nice idea to get more relaxing place. Designing bathroom with beach-inspired accents will not cost much. You may add shells, turtles, or sea stars.

Bathroom is one of the space at home that consist of so many stuffs inside. Whether your bathroom is large or small, we need something clever that will handle all of your bathroom stuff without spending much on the floor space. For a wet bathroom, putting something on the floor can cause a damage. That is why, it is best to use your blank wall space to add a wall hanging storage.

Bathroom vanities are an important component to your home. By selecting the correct size, style and material you can help improve the design and function of your bathroom. Bathroom vanity is a versatile piece that can serve as a focal point in the bathroom. So, If you’re considering giving your bathroom a renovation, a vanity should be on your list of must haves to update.