Our bedroom is a place to get relax after long time working. Then, it should be an area with cozy decoration. The use of canopy for beds my look as one of the best ways to upgrade your bedroom without breaking it. You can see these ideas for further inspiration;

Be more productive to upgrade your knowledge by adding reading nook on your bedroom. You may spend time to read before sleep. Make sure that you have applied proper lighting. It will be good place the chairs next to the window for natural light and fresh air.

There are many ways to decorate bedroom wall, included by creating gallery wall. You may add framed photos or pictures with various sizes to avoid monotonous look. When you add black and white photo, you gain retro look. Then, if you apply colorful framed pictures, you will get modern gallery. See these ideas to inspire you

Are you looking for the ideas of using multi-colored drapes? There are two or more colors drapes that will be fit to your bedroom design. Drapes may take as the last touch of your bedroom decor. So, you need to choose the best style. Multi-colored bedroom will upgrade your bedroom. Choose whether vertical or horizontal stripes drapes.

Designing kid’s bedroom needs to consider the gender. When you have a girl, it will be better to decorate the room with cute accent. Then, for boys, choose accent that shows masculine appeal. There are many themes that can be applied for both, one of them is car. Eventually, designing car theme for boys is much easier than girls. Check out further below;

Bring nature to your bedroom by applying green color. It can be for wall, floor, or even the furniture items. Some people combine those elements to create cohesive look. Green is attractive to be used for interior decorating. Even, you can gain a modern and youthful flair.

Red is the color of sensuous, exciting, and or invigorating. Painting a room with red is aimed to get warmth. So, it boosts your mood to gain passion. Red bedroom can be seen through the accents, bedding, cabinet, or wall color. Whether for classic or contemporary feels, red color will work well for all. Check out these ideas further!

Adding animal heads for your bedroom decor will add a touch of unique appeal. You can combine this wall accent for any bedroom styles. No matter traditional, transitional, contemporary, Scandinavian, or more. If you want to decor your bedroom with animal head, take a look at these examples below;

The minimalist decorating style is an exercise in restraint, where space, lighting, and objects play equally important roles. Minimalist style demands you to pare down your furnishings to the bare essentials so that you’re left with a set of curated objects that deliver maximum impact. Far from being boring, this style is bold, functional and highly memorable. Remember, less is more.

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