We may feel bored with our bedroom decoration. However, it is not hard to redesign all the decoration as long as we have enough budget and creative enough. Some people may ask professional, while others choose to have DIY decoration. These are some timeless designs for bedroom with midcentury touches to inspire us. Check out!

Everyone looks for a comfy bedroom to take a rest. After working all day long, a quality sleep time needs more than anything. It will gain back our mood and energy. So, we need a bedroom with furniture set that make us feel cozy and calm. Then, install oak furniture sets for your bedroom. Check out these examples below and find inspiration!

Concrete wall usually deals with industrial style. However, we will not talk about it. Due to concrete can be combined with any furniture items, designing a room with concrete wall is not hard. The thinks that you need to consider is your room theme. Here are bedroom with concrete wall ideas to copy;

Be more productive to upgrade your knowledge by adding reading nook on your bedroom. You may spend time to read before sleep. Make sure that you have applied proper lighting. It will be good place the chairs next to the window for natural light and fresh air.

To decorate a nursery room with tropical touch for your little, it doesn’t have to with bold color. It will be cuter to use neutral color. Tropical means we add summer vibes to a room. Whether you want to design it for little boy or girl, or might be gender neutral, it should be with tropical character like leaves.

Rattan is one of the most favorite materials that used for furniture to gain versatile and fabulous look. It comes with natural touch also. A rattan chair is not only functional but also attractive. Adding it for bedroom decor is nice. It works well with any bedroom design, whether modern or traditional.

There are many ways to decorate bedroom wall, included by creating gallery wall. You may add framed photos or pictures with various sizes to avoid monotonous look. When you add black and white photo, you gain retro look. Then, if you apply colorful framed pictures, you will get modern gallery. See these ideas to inspire you

Are you looking for the ideas of using multi-colored drapes? There are two or more colors drapes that will be fit to your bedroom design. Drapes may take as the last touch of your bedroom decor. So, you need to choose the best style. Multi-colored bedroom will upgrade your bedroom. Choose whether vertical or horizontal stripes drapes.

Bring nature to your bedroom by applying green color. It can be for wall, floor, or even the furniture items. Some people combine those elements to create cohesive look. Green is attractive to be used for interior decorating. Even, you can gain a modern and youthful flair.

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