Book lovers will need more shelves to save they book collection. The more books they have, the more shelves. It will upgrade your reading nook area to install a unique shelf. However, consider how large your area. Make sure, the shelf will match to the whole design. Take a look at these ideas below!

If you have lot of books with small space to keep it, then building extra storage to keep it is a must. But then again limited space in your house is became a big problem, especially if you guys have a small house. Using small space to build extra storage for your books is challenging because you need to make it looks match with your home design and layout. But don’t worry because I will give you 9 Ideas to Built Storage Space Using Small Space.

Living room is an area when many people will seat and relax. Encourage them to read by installing bookshelf is nice idea. It doesn’t only books but magazine too. Maximize your wall space by adding bookshelf might be great for your living room design.

For book-lovers who have tons of books, building more bookshelves is a must. When the library room is not enough, you need to use other rooms. The space in dining room might be one option to build bookshelf too. It will not only as book storage but also decorative element.