When it comes to get brighter living room, we talk about lighting. It might be with chandelier, pendant lamp, or ceiling medallion, and or the combination of those items. Lighting will accentuate the beauty of your architectural ceiling design too. Further, this space will look more elegant and sophisticated. Upgrade your living room with these lighting ideas below;

Reclaimed wood is awesome for rustic, traditional, or shabby chic kitchen decor. It looks unique and inviting for ceiling. Further, you can combine it with any lighting design. Feel free to paint the beams, but better to let it with its natural color. Check out these ideas below to inspire you;

Ceiling takes major role for a room decoration. However, it is sometimes disregarded by the owner. Most people only design the ceiling with flat design. Actually, you can design your ceiling with various styles to get more flourishing room decoration. You add materials for your ceiling like fabrics, metals, and wood boards.

Old wood can be used for more functional way. Here, old wood is great for beams. Even, it plays role as decorative accent for bedroom ceiling as well. Since wood is natural material that will never go out of style, using old wood for ceiling beams seems as better choice. Look at these bedrooms with beams for your inspiration;