To celebrate the christmas we need to decorate our home as beauty as possible. From christmas tree to the socks on the fire place, we force our imagination to give birth to amazing decoration. Some of people will buy decoration on the local store, some make it by them self.

Christmas will soon coming and knock our door, and to welcom santa we need to decorate our house as beautiful as we can. So far, how is the progress of you decoration? Stuck? Or maybe you still haven’t decided the theme for your decoration. Well in this article I will discuss 13 Rustic Decoration on Christmas and maybe it will inspire and give you more idea.

Candy cane is one of the popular Christmas decorations and it is really wonderful. Peppermint candy canes define the spirit of Christmas in its traditional red and white color combination. From Christmas tree decorations to the neighborhood cookie exchange, candy canes have a presence in nearly every holiday custom. So let’s take this red and white twist on decorating for the holidays.

Playing around with interior design and decorating your home is such a fun things to do. When you move into somewhere new or trying to redecorate, you want to be able to add your own stamp. If you love vintage things, you can often find the task harder than others. But, the good news is, it’s actually quite easy to achieve a vintage haven to your home. 

Having a small space is not a burden for you to be creative. Just because you have a lack of space in your home or apartment, doesn’t mean you still can’t get festive for the holidays. There are plenty of solutions for Christmas decor that can help you save your space. All you need is some creativity and a little imagination.

Red and grey color is a classic color combo that really ideal for Christmas decor. This colors can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere amazingly. Grey is calm and so winter-like, and red warms up. So why don’t you try this color combo this Christmas?

If you need a more modern appearance, then you’ve got some freedom to mix things up a little. For Thinking Day, you’ll want a space where people are able to move freely. It’s possible to incorporate anything of your own selection but never forget your financial plan.

The day when contemporary meets vintage is also the day a shabby chic is born. Shabby chic reminds you of pastel shades, antique stockings, pearls, vintage crystal, and many more. You can also go for shabby chic Christmas decoration this year. If you are into this, keep reading.

Let’s be honest, how much money that you spend when decorating your space during Christmas? Let’s skip the expensive store-bought decorations. There are so many Christmas decor options that we choose that is absolutely on a budget. Keep reading to get some inspirations. 

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