Switch light is important item. Some people may avoid it, but it takes major function to our lighting. Why don’t you try to make it more interesting? Give it covers, frame, or paint to upgrade its look that also means to improve your room decor. Check out these DIY light switch plates ideas below;

Dare to be more creative? Try to create something useful from buttons. Some people use button for crafting shoes, clothes, pr bags. However, you can try to make different thing. Why don’t you try to create home items with buttons? It will improve your room decoration with little price.

Designing wall with printable art will give a touch of simplicity but modern. This summer, you can try printable wall art for your wall decor without break up your design. Bring more colors for your room by this simple idea with fabulous effects. Check out these ideas further;

Whether you want to add hobo chic or folk decor, you can use a touch of woven wall hanging art. If you wish to add personal touch, you can create it at your free time this weekend. Prepare threads, scraps and yarn with various colors like red, white, pin, orange, or other colors as you like. Then, happy crafting!

Natural material like wood or bamboo can be used for creating awesome craft. This week, you can choose one of this crafts from bamboo to upgrade your room decoration. Since bamboo is cheap and easy to find, you will not lose your money neither time for it. Hold these ideas to inspire you;