Christmas will come soon. It is the time to think what design that will be applied for our living room. Some people add Christmas tree and shocks to mantel. Other tries to decorate table and front door. What about you? Here we have tremendous ideas to welcome Christmas through decorating window. Check out!

Do you love music? Having a bedroom with musical theme may become one of your dreams. Actually, you don’t need to pay more as long as you already have guitar, violin, artist poster, album cover, or more. Those musical instruments and everything related to music can be used as bedroom decor with musical theme. See these following ideas

Someone who rents an apartment shouldn’t have to live in a monotonous design. Though the apartment cannot be changed, but the furniture or accent will easily be changed to improve its look. However, you still be able to decor your apartment on budget. Like these following ways;

If you wish to keep a cohesive look of your house, try to add classic items. Since vintage furniture is timeless, it will not make your home decor look monotonous. However, you need to consider your room design before adding vintage pieces. Make sure the color, texture, and or pattern will not break your style. These are what you need to consider installing classic pieces on your home;

Beach atmosphere makes us feel calm and relax. Applying beachy style for bathroom is nice idea to get more relaxing place. Designing bathroom with beach-inspired accents will not cost much. You may add shells, turtles, or sea stars.

To upgrade bedroom look, we need to choose the best furniture or accessory that will match with our bedroom decoration. Installing round area rug also should be thought seriously. It has to blend with the room design and other material. Check out our collections below to inspire you how to add round area rug for bedroom.

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