Ombre color for decoration still popular nowadays. Applying ombre lamps for room decor will add edgy look without disturbing the room style. Moreover, ombre lamps also add splash of color for more colorful and cheerful atmosphere.

The most difficult part about decorating a small space is choosing the furniture. The furniture that you choose has to fit comfortably without looking out of place. The furniture is also have to make your space not to feel cramped and cluttered. And of course, it also needs to be as practical and functional as possible. 

Accent chair is great and versatile. It is a great options for you who wants to bring new life to a room. Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping piece or just somewhere warm and inviting for guests to sit, you can find a multitude of versatility in the everyday armchair. If you are still not sure on which accent chair that is suitable for you, try wingback chair.