High-end design, striking architecture, exotic materials and bold art has a way of grabbing our attention and keeping it. Some spaces are blessed with abundant mill-work and natural light, great architectural elements, but adding the elements listed in this gallery will elevate a home and give a big impact.

Captivating, beautiful and brilliant, peacocks are created to make an entrance. A metal wall art, cushions, bedspreads and lighting and adorning paintings of peacock, these pieces are pictured to be admired. Put peacock accessories in your living room to welcome your guests, in your bedroom to make you feel pride, mix and match them in your home will make you realize that bold sometimes could more fascinating.

With the upcoming of a new season, the desire to make up your space at home into more fresh begins to creep in with the cooler weather. Turns out, small changes probably have a major design impact. It can be as not difficult adding a bold light fixture or re-framing your artwork. No expensive renovation required, here it is Swift Facelifts To Wake Up Your Home Now.

Many people underestimate the existence of a curtain in the bathroom. In fact the right choice of curtain in your bathroom can give different feeling and looks, or even make your bathroom looks more luxurious than before.

Have you known about laneway house? Usually it is a common house style that can be found in west coast of Canada. It comes with a form of house with pre-existing lots. This house style is open concept. So that, you can see the view outside, whether backyard or back lane.

Believe it or not, color will affect your mood and spirit. When you come back to your home and see colorful element, it will make you feel fresh and lively. Vibrant color touches to a room will also boost your mood. Install colorful accessories to enlighten your room for more magnificent home decor.

Staircase is more than just a connection of two floors. They also add a great design element that can transcend function, activate your living space and set the tone for the whole house. Before planning a staircase, consider to think about the budget, safety, and space. And also, which style that is suitable for your space?