Kitchens are one of the best alternatives that you have today. It must be simple, practical, well-organized and functional without leaving aside of beautiful design. We are almost done with 2019, it is time to prepare your fresh kitchen set to face 2020 to refresh your life. Here we have tremendous fresh kitchen trends to welcome 2020.

When a kitchen usually built for women, it comes with feminine touch. However, not only women who come to this cooking space. Men who are busy with their outdoor projects also sometimes come to kitchen for cooking. In other words, men also have right to cook. Even, some of them are professional chief. Then, for men, these are the ideas of masculine cooking space designs to inspire you;

There are various materials that can be used to build kitchen countertop, island, and or cabinet. Of course each of them has pros and cross. We need to choose the best kitchen material that will be fit to our kitchen decor. One of the most favorite materials for upgrading kitchen look is terrazzo. If you want to use it for your kitchen, try to see these ideas below;

White kitchen countertop looks elegant and clean. It shows us how the owner cares this spot. Further, white is neutral that can be mixed with any colors for more attractive look. Combine it with wooden based material is great idea to see a sleek cooking space. See these kitchens with white countertop below;

Reclaimed wood is awesome for rustic, traditional, or shabby chic kitchen decor. It looks unique and inviting for ceiling. Further, you can combine it with any lighting design. Feel free to paint the beams, but better to let it with its natural color. Check out these ideas below to inspire you;

Bay window usually has seating to be used for reading nook or other functions. But, we can try to use this space for other purposes. These ideas below gain us to build kitchen bay window for attaching more natural light. Even, we can see how beautiful the view outside. Check out further;

Contrasting kitchen countertop will end up your cooking space with attractive look. High contrast is kitchen decor trend that will never go out of style. It shows you a modern feel but works well with any styles too. Play with cabinet, kitchen island, floor, and wall. See these ideas below;

Curtain for kitchen is to act as jewel. Furthermore, it has other functions like protect the kitchen from the heat and cold. Even, it can be used to give privacy area too. Feel free to combine sheer curtain, blackout, or printed drapes to beautify your cooking space. Here we have examples of using curtain for kitchen that may inspire you;

Parquet is timeless flooring style that will never go out of style. Furthermore, it will be awesome to add any room decor. No matter, whether traditional, transitional, or contemporary. Though not everyone love parquet, but it is still admirable somehow. If you want to apply parquet to makeover your flooring, take a look these ideas to inspire you;

U-shaped kitchen allows you to move around in one foot to gain anything you need for cooking. This kitchen style usually used for a restaurant for easier cooking activities. If you apply this style for your cooking space, you will get effective workflow and or traffic flow. Further, preparing food will be more efficient.

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