A black and white palette is timeless and classic. There are endless possibilities, from subdued to statement-making. Whether you’re color-phobic or color obsessed, you’re guaranteed to fall for these black and white spaces. So let’s give your home a dramatic accents with black and white colors.

Designing your living space is always beneficial when you are inspired by something and draw the ideas and vision to help you make an ideal living environment. Living room is usually the center of the house, therefore many people want it to be cozy and functional. An open living room is a new trend to save your space and still make the room fashionable. It’s not difficult to creating this unique yet cozy idea in your house.

Living room styles dictate much of what space will look like. Why is it important to have a great looking living room? Living room is the most crucial area in house because it is the place where your family and friends sit, visit, relax, and enjoy, so it should be comfortable and functional. Putting your style in the living room is needed even it is a functional area for everyone.