Medicine cabinet is important for bathroom. It can be used for saving first aid remedies, bathroom stuffs, essentials, and medicine. However, seeing its design may look monotonous. Upgrade it up periodically may look better. You can give wallpaper, repaint, or adding glass and mirror. Check out these ideas further;

Most women love pink. It looks cute, sweet, and cheerful. Apply pink for furniture items can also boost women mood. Pink is girly color that makes women feel like a princess. Use pink color to makeover your old furniture items to add feminine touch. Check out these ideas below;

Do you work at home? Since you play around at your won house, it may feel so bored sometimes. What you need to do is redesign your home office. One of the most possible ways is changing your desk or office chair appearance. Makeover office chair only needs little price and few hours. Check out these DIY office chair makeover ideas below;

There’s no doubt that bathroom renovations are expensive. But, with a little elbow grease and patience, you can save lots of money by tackling your own DIY bathroom vanity makeover. Bathrooms tend to be small. It’s a great place to add a pop of color without committing to a new color scheme throughout your entire home.