Garage is a place for your vehicles. To have a tidy garage look, it will be better for us to build overhead garage storage. It keeps the room clean and neat without break up the space. With mounted on ceiling, this storage help you to save boxes, bikes, and more. Check out these ideas to inspire you;

Though only some toothbrushes but those items will cause clutter if you can’t organize them. So, you need storage to keep them neat. Instead of buying toothbrush holder on the store, it will be better for you to create it. See these examples of DIY toothbrush holder that easy to make below;

When you have lots of things, you need extra storage. However, you may lack of space to add cabinet. You need unusual space to use such as underbed. Other problem comes when you don’t have enough budgets. DIY underbed storage can be the solution for you. Like these following ideas.

The amount of buckets and barrels used is flexible and is founded on the percent of the population utilizing the system. The plastic bucket is extremely durable so that it can be challenging to cut by hand. There aren’t any holes drilled in the base of the barrels.

As a nail art fanatic women who change your nail color and design almost as often as you change your mind. As your nail polish collection grew, you  realized it was getting more and more difficult to find the colors you wanted. Organizing all of your beauty products is key. If you’re a card-carrying nail polish aficionado, you’ll know full well just how easily our lacquer collections get out of hand.