This Fabulous House Has A Contemporary Design Combined With Victorian Terrace

A contemporary house style actually can be combined with Victorian style too. As long as we are able to mix and match each items, the house will appear fabulous. A house that built with two or more styles will look different. We still able to add personal touches. Let us see this fabulous house below!

A contemporary house style actually can be combined with Victorian style too. As long as we are able to mix and match each items, the house will appear fabulous. A house that built with two or more styles will look different. We still able to add personal touches. Let us see this fabulous house below!


This picture taken from the terrace that shows us a glimpse of interior design. Look at the polished wood flooring that will give this room warmth all day long. The sliding glass door separates indoor and outdoor.


Then, here it is the living space with purple sofa and a geometric prints chair. A triangular glass table gives contemporary touch too. It has triangular glass window over the sliding door as well that gives more natural shine. A Victorian style terrace seen from the uses of striped chairs, dark wooden floor, and grey timber wood walls.


What seen here is a part of living space that connects to the kitchen. Kids can play on the living area as well since is has spacious area. It looks simple but eye-catching with wood and white elements. We love the pendant over the living space.


Here it a closer look of the white kitchen that modern and sleek. Look at the white cabinet that matched well with white kitchen island. It looks bright because of the glass windows that brings natural light.


The dining space is done with upholstered wooden chairs and a rectangular wooden table with curved sides. A white and black framed picture also gives contemporary element. The skylight over it is functioned to make this space visibly brighter.


There is a staircase to go to the next level where the bedroom located. Under the staircase , the owner uses it for books storage. It has beautiful design with wooden based material that appears modern and sleek.


After going up, we will come to a nook that used for home office. The owners usually do a home project here. It has floating desk, a chair, and a shelf to save books or other important things. The skylight over it looks cool as well.


Coming to the master bedroom, we will see a space with neutral and white colors. With elevated flooring style, each level has hidden storage that can be pull on when needed. A dark blue carpet under the platform bed completes this bedroom design interestingly.


After all, here it is the bathroom with white bathtub and grey tiles. It has a skylight over it to add brightness. Then, a rectangular mirror on the wall seen nice with white sink under it.


8 Elegant Dining Rooms With Victorian Style To Copy

Victorian era deals with the use of furniture that complex with gold trimmings and tremendous carving. It shows more about glamour and luxurious touches. Further, it is still combined well with floral pattern too. Those furniture items design are influenced by Middle East and Asian country.

Elegant Dining Room With Victorian


Spending your time to have dinner with family is great. This dining room with Victorian style looks vintage and elegant. With formal table design, you will feel like an aristocrat.

Victorian Dining Room With Pattern


This dining room with pattern cushion seems eye-catching. Combine with round table for more efficient space. Further, add a touch of a vase of flowers for natural feeling. Then, a vintage rug on the floor completes its look.

Combining Black And Gold


Black and gold is luxurious colors that will make a prestigious dining room. Combine with white rectangular table for a touch of formal look. Then a classic area rug on the floor finishes this room decoration.

With Tufted Chairs


A Victorian dining room with tufted chairs will make you never want to leave this area. The use of gold trimmings gives a touch of luxurious feel. Then, Refresh the decoration by adding flowers and plants.

With Antique Dark Brown


Brown furniture is classic and elegant. However, you can use this dining room for all occasions. It will never go out of style for a year long. Created for hardwoods, these furniture items will be more durable too.

Victorian With Denim Color


Believe it! Any woman will fall in love with this fabulous dining room. Back cushions with gold touch bring glamour but elegant look. Then, see a Zen feel through the application of statue on the table.

With Dark Brown Color Leatherette Seat


This Victorian dining room has upholstered chairs with brown color. Look at the chandelier with same color that matched well with the entire design. Even, white brick wall give contrast color. Attach more natural light through glass window and door.

Traditional Victorian Dining Room


Though this dining room looks crowded, but it tells us more about Victorian style. The red chairs with pattern and brown wood are combined well with white tablecloth. Then, the rug with blue patterned and the curtain finish this room design.